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Birthday: Sep.16/1987

Blood type: B

Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Collecting wedding dresses



Flower Arrangement

Candy making

Nail art

Handmade cards

Swarovski decoration


Kindergarten teacher first-class license

Qualification as a nursery school teacher

NLP practitioner special skills

Favorite place

Disneyland (Keeping annual pass for more than 10 years)


Model Instructor

Amity Promotion / Basic modeling lessons
MODEL ESCORT / bridal model lessons, standard walking and posing lessons
MODEL ESCORT: Bridal model lessons, standard walking and posing lessons ・NINEZEAL Corporation: Comprehensive model lessons
Yellow Cab Corporation / Gravure posing lessons
Many others


TBS "Masahiro Nakai no Friday no Sumatachi e"
Nippon Television Network Corporation "Loved Woman Dokusei Arita"
TV Asahi "Jun Walk Monoconcierge"
TV Tokyo "Nanairo Nichiwa!"

And many more

TV commercials

Hand mist "Revella"
Skin care "UL・OS"
Canned coffee "Barista"
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance "Link Cross Pink"
And many more

Magazines, pamphlets and catalogs

Cover Model "Off-Camera Strobe Lighting" by Ilko, the Magician of Light
Special feature on iPhone "iPhone + Style Magazine"
"Digital Camera Magazine"
Car magazine "Best Car"
And many more

Bridal models

Mock Wedding Ceremony & Mock Wedding Reception
(*Belvi Gaza Hall, Belvi The Grand, Anniversaire Tokyo Bay, Monterey Ginza, Shin Yokohama International Hotel, Hilton Tokyo Bay, Royal Hall Yokohama, etc.)
Model for White Room Photo Studio
Web advertisement (Royal Hall Yokohama, Tokiwa Hotel)
Order-made wedding dress store "CL
Many others

Fashion Show

GOD STYLE makeup fashion show
SHIGEKI9 hair show
Dreaming hair show
And many more


Best Body Japan Yokohama Finalist
Finalist in Miss Bridal Grand Prix Kanto
Miss Edo NADESHIKO Finalist
Finalist of Miss Edo NADESHIKO

Booth companion

Tokyo Game Show SCE Booth / Bushiroad Booth / Nihon Falcom Booth
Tokyo Motor Show Alfa Romeo Booth / Nissan Shatai Stage Model
Tokyo Auto Salon NITTO booth
Japan IT Week Canon booth
Many others


S+CAMERA CLUB strobe camera seminar / subject model
with_KTJapan strobe camera seminar / subject model
Jiyugaoka Photography School portrait seminar / subject model
Model subjects for studio graphics photography seminar
Many others

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